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Providing Chiropractic care to the South Burnett in Kingaroy since 2007

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In Touch Chiropractic provides care and assessments for the whole family

Chiropractic is for everyone, 

We adapt our care plans for each individuals' needs, from the very young to the elderly.

Each person is unique in their movement, genetic and injury experience.Chiropractic is based on the concept that dysfunction  in the spine and its joints can lead to dysfunction within the nervous system.

The nervous system controls and coordinates all of the body’s systems, so spinal dysfunction can have wide ranging effects on our body’s health. 

Moving our bodies through space against gravity and the pull this creates on our joints, ligaments and muscles is the generator that gives our brains the ability to activate and function.

Restriction in the motion of  spinal and any other joint in your body diminishes the proprioceptive feedback that drives your central nervous system activity.


Chiropractic Care through Pregnancy helps prepare the pelvis for easier birth, reduces incidences of dystocia, removes tension in muscles and ligaments

Chiropractic through Pregnancy

In Touch Chiropractic offers antenatal and postnatal care programs for expecting Mums.

Your Chiropractor aims to improve the function of the mother's nervous system for optimal health outcomes. We also give advise on lifestyle factors and exercises that are important at this time and can refer to other services in the community for pregnancy/birthing related matters. 

Having a well balanced pelvis includes the bony structures and the ligaments and musculature that holds them together. The most optimal muscle and ligament tone and bony structure placement allows the baby room to develop without restriciton to its forming cranium, spine and other skeletal structures.  

With proper fetal positioning, there is a significant decrease in dystocia (difficult birth)

(Chiropractic care may improve, but not guarantee proper fetal positioning. There are too many other factors that can play a part)

Exercise is important for long term outcomes, benefits of chiropractic care, exercises, strengthening and stretching. improved motor control, neuromuscular functional improvements, chiropractic and exercise

In Touch Combines its Core Chiropractic Care with home exercises

Recent research has indicated that for the best long term outcomes of chiropractic care, exercise therapy needs to be a part of the care plan.

Exercises are targeted to the individuals needs as assessed by the chiropractor. There is often a combination of stretching exercises (long muscles are strong muscles) and strengthening exercises. As weak muscles tend to get tight and irritable.

We send home exercise sheets, and demonstrate exercises in house.

If you are a current patient and have forgotten/lost your exercises or wnat an update please ask at reception to book a special appointment for this :) 

Studies/Research (including all research relevent to this topic is impractical in this forum please ask your chiropractor if you are interested in exploring this further)

Lluch E, et al "Immediate effects of active cranio-cervical flexion exercise vs passive mobilization of the upper cervical spine on pain and performance on the cranio-cervical flexion test" Manual Therapy 2014 FEb;19(1):25-31.

The conclusion of this study was that both active and passive treatments offered pain relief but only the exercise group improved motor function, thus highlighting the importance of specific active exercise for improved motor control of the cervical spine

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