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In Touch Chiropractic offers antenatal and postnatal care programs for expecting Mums and their babies.  Your Chiropractor aims to improve the function of the mother's nervous system for optimal health outcomes. We also give advice on lifestyle factors and exercises that are important at this time and we can refer to other services in the community for pregnancy and birthing related matters.   Having a well balanced pelvis, includes the bony structures and the ligaments and musculature that holds them together. The most optimal muscle and ligament tone and bony structure placement allows the baby room to develop without restriction to its forming cranium, spine and other skeletal structures.    With proper fetal positioning, there is a significant decrease in dystocia (difficult birth)  (Chiropractic care may improve, but not guarantee proper fetal positioning. There are too many other factors that can play a part)

Karissa Stallwood (nee Milne)

Karissa opened In Touch Chiropractic in 2007. 

My passion and aim is to provide excellence in Chiropractic care within the South Burnett Community. Watching the change and growth over the years has inspired me to add  my "touch" to help the people of the South Burnett to do what they do, to the best of their ability, with optimal physical health. This has involved continuing my education in Health care and specifically Chiropractic, improving our services, collaborating with other health care professionals both in and outside the region and learning to look after myself while juggling my family and career.

I have a special interest in the areas of Chiropractic care through pregnancy, infant Chiropractic and treatment of the elderly.

chiropractor South Burnett, Chiropractor Kingaroy, In Touch Chiropractic, Elise Mangan

Elise Mangan

Elise Mangan is passionate about helping people move better, feel better and be better. 

Hi Everyone! Thank you for the amazing welcome I have had in Kingaroy and at In Touch Chiropractic. I grew up in the South Burnett, and I appreciate the benefits of living, working and playing in this amazing community. It has always been my hope to be able to give back to the region in a professional capacity. Which makes me very excited to be here providing Chiropractic care.

I am committed to helping and improving the overall health and function of all individuals through Chiropractic care. I have a special interest in helping people improve sports performance, and improving work ergonomics to reduce strain and injury. 

I love engaging with people, building professional relationships and sharing great humour. I enjoy playing Netball, going to the beach and camping. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work within my community and I am looking forward to meeting new people as I establish my professional career here  at In Touch Chiropractic.

Providing massage therapy in the South Burnett, Kingaroy massage therapist

Natalie Morrison (Masseuse)

Natalie Morrison is a Masseuse and Modere Lifestyle Consultant. She has been with In Touch since 2012, offering massage services to the young, through to the elderly. 

Massage therapies includes:





Hot Rocks

Lymphatic Drainage


Providing massage therapy in the South Burnett, Kingaroy massage therapist, Kelli Moore

Kelli Moore (Masseuse)

Kelli has 20 years of massage experience and offers a range of massage services. She has a special interest in aromatherapy and offers a peaceful massage atmosphere. Her therapy services include:


Hot Rocks Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

Remedial Massage

Lymphatic Drainage


Pregnancy Massage

Sports Massage


chiropractor South Burnett, Chiropractor Kingaroy, In Touch Chiropractic, Elise Managan, Karissa Stallwood, Karissa Milne

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